Nutrilite and LSD – The Untold Story

Nutrilite and LSD – The Untold Story

Today, We Take Nutrilite™ Supplements and Vitamins instead of LSD

I believe the album In Search of the Lost Chord is 50 years old this year (July 26th to be precise).  This song off the album, Legend of the Mind‘s  lyrics are about 1960’s LSD icon Timothy Leary. In Search for the Lost Chord was about LSD.Leary was an advocate for the use of LSD, enjoying its spiritual benefits, with one of his catchphrases being “Turn on, tune in, drop out.”  Today, researchers are still studying the effects of LSD on people with mental disabilities.

And Today, instead of taking LSD, people are taking Nutrilite™ supplements.  For example, I take Double X™ as a multi-vitamin, but it’s so much more. Double X™ is a Vitamin, Mineral and Phytonutrient Supplement that supports a healthy heart, brain, eyes, skin, bones and immune system.

In addition, I take Energy + Focus™ when I am working out or when I just need a little pick me up to get through the day.  Besides Energy + Focus™, I also get energy from XS™ Energy Drinks – All the energy without the sugar!

Furthermore, Nutrilite has an excellent line of weight management supplements.  Slimmetry™ is ideal for people who want to loose weight.  In addition, there is Carb Blocker™, Lean Muscle™ and Glucose Health™ and more.  Besides supplements, Body Key™, which is a division of Nutrilite™, offers a variety of delicious shakes, bars, and snacks to help you manage your weight. (Personally, I have lost 25 pounds after taking these products for three months. Along with diet and exercise.

Nutrilite™ has so many products, I will never be able to blog about them all, so please visit this page to see all of our Nutrilite™ products.

Remember, say no to LSD, Ecstasy and the other crap and use Nutrilite for a better you. 😉



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